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Hey to everyone!

Welcome, my name is Ashley! I am a Canadian actress, best know for my roles in Life with Derek, Suits, Criminal Minds or Good Witch. Here you will find a more personal look into my life: from my day to day activities and travels to what it’s like to be on set, and now, what it’s like to be a first-time mom!

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Ashley, Pregnancy

The Formula Stigma In partnership with Enfamil A+

Since I announced I was pregnant, I have been bombarded with advice. Most of which is about how to feed my baby.  I had every intention of fully breastfeeding Olivia, but unfortunately, after months of trying (and several specialists), I realized that I would need to supplement as Olivia’s needs grew.  I researched a lot about formula, and knew I wanted to give her a formula that was enriched with DHA.  A baby’s brain contains Omega-3 fat and most of that fat is DHA, an important building block of the brain.  By age 3, babies brain growth is 85% complete, so I realized the importance of making sure she was getting the nutrition she needed for optimal health.  Enfamil A+ is enriched with DHA, which made it a clear choice for me.  I use the ready feed bottles (which make my life SO much easier), and I feel happy knowing I’m giving her everything she needs.

So I am currently pumping 3 times a day, and supplementing with formula, and I have noticed a huge difference in Livi.  She is satisfied and happier, which means more love and snuggles for mama 🙂

For more information on Enfamil A+, click the link below: www.whydha.ca


Ashley, Pregnancy

Pampers Rewards Program = #MOMHACK

GUYS! I’ve partnered with Pampers to give you this amazing #MOMHACK, because we straight up deserve some rewards for all of our hard work, don’t we?

My fav mom hack is the new Pampers Rewards Program. I’m constantly buying diapers and wipes, and now I can actually get points with each purchase that I can use towards toys, wipes, or anything I want from the Pampers Catalogue.

It’s super easy to use and only takes 3 steps to get started and collect 100 bonus points!

*You also get an extra 50 points for your first scan!

Finally, we get rewards for buying stuff. This is legit my dream- haha. So start turning diapers into rewards here: http://bit.ly/ALPampersAPP

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Happy Scanning 🙂


Disclaimer: We created this post as a paid ambassador for Pampers, however, all opinions and advice are our own and we only work with companies we genuinely love and have used prior to being contacted.