Happy National Cat Day!

Sadly, I don’t have any kitties around me today, so my Yorkie will have to do.

We all know how much I love animals, and that I spend a good portion of my time working with organizations that I believe in, so I figured it was only fitting that I tell you about one of my favs on National Cat Day (since they raise awareness & money for small, struggling animal rescues).

Every month Arm The Animals donates a generous portion of every T-shirt sold to reputable shelters.

They honestly have the cutest shirts with all types of animals on them so you can honour your fav pet in Tshirt form.  I, of course, am partial to Yorkies, so they sent me this killer T with the most badass Yorkie ever on it.

Ashley Leggat - Arm The Animals

And this cute tank!

Ashley Leggat - Arm The Animals

Arm The Animals was started by a close group of friends who truly care about animals. In my opinion, this organization has a huge heart, and I think they’re really making an impact on the lives of animals in need.

If you want to get your own shirt, or just learn more about Arm The Animals, please visit them on their website or social media!

‘Together we can make a difference’.