It’s all about the ‘he said she said’ BULL@#$%


noun1.           a currently circulating story or report of uncertain or doubtful truth.

Rumours… Gotta love ’em.

I know everyone deals with rumours and gossip and I used to honestly believe that there was a grain of truth in everything, but after Life with Derek started airing I realized how wrong I was.  People can literally make up anything they want and others will believe it, because it is easier to believe something negative about someone, than to find out the truth.

Today I met a girl who told me that she was good friends with my prom date from highschool.  I said, ‘Oh awesome, how do you know Derek?’ she said, ‘Derek? No, his name is Jacob.  You went to prom with Jacob.’  Oh I did, did I?  Weird, cause I was pretty sure I went to prom with a guy named Derek.  But she assured me, Jacob definitely told her we went together, so we must have.  Funny how she knew more about me than I did.  Jacob is a liar haha.

This is something I have dealt with for years, and I’m sure all of you have dealt with it too.  There is nothing more annoying than someone believing they know every little thing about you, or worse, making up and spreading terrible things about you, but I have learned to let things roll off my back.  Those who know me, know the things that are true, and the things that aren’t.  We usually get a pretty good laugh out of the rumours that come up.

Some of my favourite rumours include:

  • I’ve been pregnant many times (usually they just took a picture of me after eating a big meal)
  • I’ve dated guys I have never heard of/met
  • Stories about me from someone’s sister’s cousin’s best friend’s brother who is a ‘close friend of mine’
  • I once put up a picture with my four brothers, and someone was pathetic enough to spread the picture saying that I had a 4some with these random guys…. Literally the grossest things anyone has ever said.
  • I’m a crazy dog lady who can’t go anywhere without my dog…. (This one does have some truth to it…..)

The list goes on, but those are some of the highlights.  I know everyone deals with this, so I thought I would just vent to you guys today.

What crazy things have you heard about yourself?