Ok treadmill, you don’t like me, and I don’t like you…

So if you’re like me, working out is NOT your favourite activity, and to be honest, there’s a little evil part of me that hates people who boast about how much they LOVE to workout… Like, really?  Are you some sort of robot?  Why wasn’t I born one of these people?  For the most part, I enjoy it more when I’m actually there, but getting myself to the gym is a struggle.  I literally continually repeat the Woody Allen quote “80% of success is showing up” every single time I get myself ready to go for a run… But whether I want to admit it or not, I always feel great after I go (Plus I usually dance the whole time I’m on the treadmill so it makes it a little bit more fun).  Recently I have been trying out different workouts, and thought I’d make a little video for you of the exercises that help me most.  DISCLAIMER, I am NOT a personal trainer, nor do I know anything more than the basics in the gym.  These exercises work for me and target the areas that I most want to see a change in, but if they help you too, that’s great!


Comfy & Cute Clothing: I’m currently obsessed with Terra Frog Clothing Corp: For starters, I was super excited to find a Canadian Company, as I am a Canadian girl.  Secondly, I was drawn to Terra Frog because their products incorporate environmentally friendly fabrics (bamboo, coconut fibres, and recycled plastics).  I have worn my fair share of Lulu, Nike & Reebok, and was looking for something a little bit different, so I was super pumped to receive the Tunic Yoga Tank, Tennis Swing Tank, and Bliss Shorts.  The clothing is very comfortable, SUPER cute, and is made for you to actually be able BREATHE when you workout.  The shorts were an immediate favourite, because they don’t ride up when I run, or stretch (which we all know certain brands do, giving everyone else at the gym quite a view).  If I’m being honest, I wear my workout clothes to do everyday errands, which I guess also makes me look like I’m super active 😉  Muahaha..

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Note: In my workout video I’m wearing the Tennis Swing Tank in Blue

Fitness Tracker: I’m Currently Obsessed With My Polar M400 Watch: This is my new favourite toy.  Unlike other fitness watches, the M400 is meant to be worn as much as possible as it has a built in 24/7 activity tracker.  The activity tracker fills up throughout the day, and let’s me know the amount of walking or running I have left to do to meet my daily goal (based on weight, height and gender).  As I write this, I am currently at 1% of my daily goal, so that should let you know how today has been going.  My watch pairs with a heart rate monitor, and provides me the following information after my run: Distance, Pace, Duration, Calories, Speed, Altitude, Lap Times, and Heart Rate Zones.  I can pair this with myfitnesspal or my account at polarflow.com.  So far I have been very impressed with my watch’s battery life (I’ve charged it once in 2 weeks), and although it comes with a micro USB charger, it works with any micro USB charger which is a relief as I have a tendency to lose things and have 10 of them laying around.  I’m not a big sweater, but my husband is, so I’m glad the watch is water resistant for when he borrows it.  The watch logs my sleep and is relatively comfortable to wear…(It felt bulky to me the first 2 days, but now I don’t even notice it).  I suggest this watch for anyone looking to have a 24/7 monitoring device.  My daily activity tracker gives me that extra push to get off my butt and fill my quota for the day.  On that note, I’m off to finish the 99% of my daily activities!

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Note: In my workout video I’m wearing the M400 Soft Strap in White

Songs I used in the video:

  • Don’t stop til you get enough – Michael Jackson
  • Baby when the lights – David Guetta
  • Club can’t handle me – Flo Rida
  • Memories – (Kid Cudi) David Guetta
  • Sexy bitch – (Akon) David Guetta
  • Titanium (Sia) – David Guetta
  • Where them girls at (Nicki Minaj/Flo Rida) – David Guetta