I have nothing but time on my hands today, so I thought I would give you all of the exciting details 😉


Date: Sunday March 22nd, 2015


Time: 4:30pm 


Location: Our apartment in Vasteras, Sweden


Breakfast: I ate chocolate cake for breakfast  & I drank black coffee. *I never drink black coffee, but after pouring milk into my cup that was curdled, it was my only choice


Lunch: I feel sick from said breakfast, so lunch is out of the question right now.


Activity: My greatest achievement today has been making the bed and doing the dishes.  Aside from that, I have played Call of Duty, and checked out stats on my blog.


Clothing: I am wearing one of Jeremy’s dirty shirts, and black sweats. 


Bra?: Haha no chance 


Hair: Unbrushed and in a high bun


Teeth: Also unbrushed…. What? I said this was a lazy Sunday.


Face: Cleansed and LotionedBlistex on lips


Glasses: On


Aspirations for today: Brushing my teeth is first on the list.  Next is dominating in COD, and enjoying the laziest/most perfect Sunday I can think of 😉