So in my DIY Skin Exfoliant Blog, I told you that I had not found a skin care line that worked for me.  To be quite honest, I was beginning to think that all skin care companies were a scam.  How can you possibly need a day cream, night cream, toner, serum, and masks with 20 different skin types to have a healthy glow?  Not to mention paying $200 for one bottle the size of a nail polish.  I also wanted to find a company that didn’t test their products on animals.  Easier said than done.  Essentially, I had given up.

I came across the Mèreadesso Skin Care company online, and as soon as I read “the Mèreadesso line of skincare products is designed for the individual who understands that there is no one “magic ingredient” to solve all their needs. They also do not have the time or desire to use 16 different products to achieve their goals” on their website, I was interested.  This is me.  I contacted the company and they sent me both the All-In-One Moisturizer, and the Face + Neck Cleanser for review.  A couple of weeks later the package arrived.  Upon receiving the product, I was immediately pleasantly surprised at how big the bottles were, but I nervously began, what I was afraid might be, another dead end skin care regime.

I was wrong.

As I have mentioned in earlier posts, I have a colony of blackheads, surrounded by flakes of dry skin.  You’d wonder how this is possible, but my skin somehow pulls it off.  I was relieved that I didn’t need a manual to care for my face.  I use the Face + Neck Cleanser in the morning, and at night.  It doesn’t dry my face out and acts as a toner and mask as well.  I use my All-In-One Moisturizer after my cleanser, twice daily.  And that’s it.  Seriously.  My skin has never looked better, not to mention what a relief it is to carry 2 products with me back and forth to Sweden, as opposed to the 10 I brought with me before.

I noticed results almost immediately.  My dry patches were disappearing, my skin felt moisturized (which is huge considering I spend a lot of my life on planes), and my blackheads were disappearing.  I am happy to report I have found my skin care regime, and I plan on sticking to it.

The only downside, is that it is a little more on the pricey side of things, but considering I was able to consolidate what used to be 5 items, into 1, I feel it is definitely worth it.  I have been using both bottles religiously twice a day, and still have TONS of product left, so it will last you!

I am going to order the Tinted All-In-One Moisturizer next, and the Beautiful Body Balm (which is out of order until the fall).  I will keep you posted!

If you are interested in ordering the products I used, I have included the descriptions of the products I reviewed below, as well as the website, price, instagram, twitter, and facebook.

Ash xx



A single-step solution for your face and neck full of incentive to toss every other moisturizer, serum, primer, day cream, night cream and eye cream you own. Talk about minimizing packaging.

This lightweight gel-lotion’s globally sourced ingredients include 16 botanical extracts, 8 minerals and enzymes and over 20 antioxidants. Easy to apply, quick to absorb and impossible to give up because the longer you use it, the less you’ll need it.

50 mL / 1.7 oz bottle lasts up to 4 months.



A non-foaming all-in-one makeup remover, mask, scrub and toner that will even conquer waterproof mascara.

The globally sourced ingredient blend includes botanical extracts and vitamins. Effective as a deep cleanser but gentle enough for use around the eye area. After rinsing, your face will be free of residue and perfectly prepped for our All-In-One Moisturizer. Comes with a specially designed cleansing cloth (to be used with cleanser every time) in a reusable plastic pouch that’s great for holding everything from the cleanser to makeup brushes.

120 mL / 4 oz bottle lasts up to 5 months.

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