I’m writing this while on a plane from Sweden to Toronto. I have 5.5 hours left to kill and am out of new episodes of ‘How to get away with murder’ to watch. I thought about the day I’ve had so far and wanted to comprise a list of common mistakes I make when travelling, so maybe some of you won’t do the same thing!


I left the house at 5:00am for my 7:55am flight. Those of you who know anything about me, know I am NOT a morning person, so eating before I am awake for at least an hour is out of the question…(IF I have to wake up in the 5’s, 6’s, or 7’s, I want to vomit). Around 6:30am I started to get hungry, but my only option in the airport was a cheese sandwich and a bottle of water. I bought them. Total cost, $21.00cad. While picking up my jaw and paying for my tiny sandwich and water, I miserably realized that I could have had THREE McMuffin Combo Meals from McDonalds, and it would have tasted so delicious. Tip #1 – EAT BEFORE YOU GET TO THE AIRPORT!

How delicious does this look? (Source: Mcdonalds.com)

How delicious does this look? (Source: Mcdonalds.com)


I usually pick an aisle seat. I guess it stems from travelling with my beautiful fur-baby Rambo for so many years, as it made it easier to get in and out with him. But since he passed away, and I am a lone traveller now, I got crazy and took a window seat. Best. Decision. Ever. I slept for 3 hours straight (something I have never done on a plane) *Getting comfortable on the plane is the bane of my existence. I have awakened on a stranger’s shoulder, tried sleeping on the tray table only to have the person in front of me ram their seat back into my skull, and one time I woke up and had no feeling in my right leg from my hip bone to my toes and was fairly certain I was paralyzed… (again, I’m a hypochondriac). Note, I brought my fleece poncho/blanket with me and used it as a pillow. This is a MUST HAVE as I’m pretty sure the blankets they give you on planes are made of tissue paper, so bring your comfiest/smallest blanket with you.

Okay, so I know this isn't necessarily the most attractive thing I've ever worn, but let me tell you, I feel like I'm sitting in a cloud.  I HIGHLY suggest you get yourself one of these bad boys.

Okay, so I know this isn’t necessarily the most attractive thing I’ve ever worn, but let me tell you, I feel like I’m sitting in a cloud. I HIGHLY suggest you get yourself one of these bad boys.


I need to remember to bring a water bottle with me, but I forget 90% of the time. I HATE paying $8 for a small bottle of water at the airport (just ask Jeremy about the Fiji water incident….) but hydrating is necessary. Planes dehydrate because it is a low-humidity environment and you need to take in more water than you usually do. I always ask the flight attendant to fill my water bottle as soon as I’m on the plane and I drink the whole time. My body and skin(remove*) thank me. Hydrating prevents respiratory issues, dry skin, and helps prevent viruses from entering your system, as we all know planes are a cesspool of germs.

Me after a 16 hour travel day using my Brita Filtering Water Bottle.

Me after a 16 hour travel day using my Brita Filtering Water Bottle.


Plane rides can either be a huge waste of time, or be put to good use. I use this time to read scripts/learn lines, catch up on shows, read, write, knit, and I even gave myself a manicure once…(In retrospect, I am fairly certain everyone on the plane hated me after the last one), but you get the point. Plan in advance, and bring things to keep yourself busy. You will feel much more accomplished when you land!


It’s important to get up and move around during long flights. (Blood Clots can develop and I’m a bit of a hypochondriac, so this is a MUST DO for me). It also is nice to stretch your body out and sitting in one position for a 9 hour flight makes you really sore the next day. Get up once an hour, and if possible, try and book a massage for a few days after you land to get your muscles unknotted from the trip.


If you are an electronics lover like me, don’t forget your computer, phone, and chargers. Planes have plugs/USB ports in each seat now, which is necessary to keep everything running for your trip, and after!


TEXT/CALL/WHATSAPP/iMESSAGE your ride before the plane takes off. Things change and the captain will tell you pre flight if you will be delayed landing. Always let your ride know, or at least give them your flight info and tell them to search it on www.flightaware.com. (Everyone in my family tracks my flights, and I love turning on my phone to 10 messages saying WELCOME TO TORONTO!! I also always track flights.. CAUTION it is possible that the tracking will say ‘flight is off the grid’. Don’t panic, it is a common glitch. I almost had a heart attack once when my parents flight to Germany went off the map… I was ready to call CNN). So keep everyone posted, nobody likes waiting at the airport for any longer than they have to, so keep your ride posted.


Don’t stress about flying. You’re safer flying than you are any other mode of transportation, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!

Hello Toronto!!

Hello Toronto!!

Hope this helps some of you. Post any tips that help you get through long flights below!