Ashley Leggat

Fall is definitely my favourite time of year. I like wearing comfy clothes, I like that I can eat a giant dinner and I won’t have to put on a bathing suit later on, and I really like that the temperature is juuuust right. (I’m trying to brace myself for winter, but I’m just not feeling it right now).

These were some of my fall highlights:

HALLOWEEN: Definitely one of the best nights. I try to make my house as scary as possible, and actually made one kid cry this year…. Is it wrong that that made me happy? Job well done?

Ashley Leggat

HALLOWEEN CANDY: This year I had a 2 for 1 special. I got 2 full sized chocolate bars for every 1 I handed out. We had about 30 trick or treaters, so all in all, it was a solid 60 chocolate bar night for me. Stellar.

LEAVES: I am not, and will NEVER be too old to play in the leaves. I regularly throw them in the air and dance in them as they fall to the ground. I also love to rake a huge pile, and then ruin all my hard work by running and jumping into them. I’d consider this, free time well spent.

Ashley Leggat

THANKSGIVING: Thanksgiving is 100. You get ridiculous amounts of delicious food, get to spend time reflecting on all of the amazing aspects of your life, and then you get a solid week of leftovers. Could anything be better?

OVERSIZED COZY SWEATERS: My Autumn must have. I live in oversized baggy sweaters and leggings. This is not only insanely comfortable, but it also allows for large meals to be eaten without having to suck in, or undo the top button on your tight jeans…. I’m just realizing now how much my life revolved around being able to eat mass amounts of food.

Ashley Leggat

CARVING PUMPKINS: This year I carved a pumpkin with my niece. Getting her to stick her hands inside the pumpkin to pull out the ‘guts’ was more difficult than expected, but once she started, she couldn’t get enough. I love bonding with my girl!

CHRISTMAS IS COMING: Anyone who knows me knows that I am basically ELF in real life. As of November 1, I had Christmas music playing, and I am already planning my yearly Christmas Costume Party in Sweden. (PS I need some costume ideas from you all!)

SPENDING NIGHTS IN IS ACCEPTED AND CELEBRATED: I am a total homebody. If I have the choice to sit on my couch and watch a movie with my family and pups, or go to the hottest club, clearly I choose my couch.

MOVEMBER: My husband is huge into the MOVEMBER movement. Most people assume that I hate his moustache because I’m usually back in Canada during November, but I really have come to love his lip caterpillar. I think it’s a great cause and I’m proud of him and his team for raising awareness and funds to support the families affected by testicular and prostate cancer. PS YOU CAN DONATE TO THEIR PAGE HERE: MOBRO.CO/VIKHOCKEY

These are just a few of my fav moments in Autumn!

Comment below what your’s were!