Me, Myself & I

What I Am Currently Doing Wednesdays!

Currently: Sitting on the couch in my new house

Wearing: Grey Sweats and my fav Marvel Comic Book Tshirt

Eating/Drinking: A Large Iced Coffee from Tim Horton’s, made with milk, and only 1 shot of base.  Any more base, and it feels like I am drinking straight syrup.

Plans for today: NOTHING. I have been shooting a movie and working long hours, so today I am going to enjoy doing nothing.

Currently Watching: Maury.  Don’t judge me.  I am super curious to see if this guy is the baby daddy.

Current Stress:  I have to go to the bathroom, but as stated earlier, super curious to see who the baby daddy is.

Cuddling with: Oliver and Oakley

Hair: Unbrushed low pony

Make up: None

Voila 🙂

Ashley Leggat

Ashley Leggat

Me, Myself & I

Melissa Nepton

Today, instead of posting a DIY tutorial, I am posting a review on one of my favourite Canadian designers.

I first heard about Melissa Nepton from Toronto Fashion Week, and quickly grew to love her modern take on the career woman’s clothing.  I was lucky enough to get the Spring 2015 Collection early, and was actually giddy checking out each item that I pulled from the box.

Melissa Nepton

1) Dress: Brigitte 2) Top: Sam Multi, Bottom: Nellie Blk 3) Dress: Lizzie 4) Dress: Henley 5) Dress: Scarlet Taupe 6) Top: Carmen, Bottom: Nellie Blk

Her designs are refreshing, exciting, and the best part is, they aren’t skintight (which is especially good if you’re going out for dinner. NO ONE wants to wear a tight dress while trying to enjoy a 4-course meal.  I want to eat my cheesecake in comfort).

Melissa Nepton

Dress: Bea

Another killer aspect of this collection is that it’s totally universal and can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion.  This comes in handy when you don’t really know what “Business/Casual with a hint of country western, and a side of formal” means on an invite… (Trust me, I’ve seen that actual description. WTF).  Here in the post are some of my favourite looks, and if you want to order yours, go to: www.melissanepton.com.

Melissa Nepton

Top: Nikki, Bottom: Nellie Blk

You can also follow Melissa Nepton on her social network sites: